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Membership has its perks!  Be the first to hear about events, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities.  SHADES is run solely by the volunteers who generously give their time to help cultivate the competitive cheer athletes and families we serve.  As a member, you can volunteer to help create experiences not found anywhere else off the mat.  Although membership is not required to take advantage of most all SHADES as to offer - however membership is required to fund-raise as well as transfer funds to partnered gyms. 

Fund Raise ~ Use for EVERYTHING CHEER*

Although fundraising is only a small portion of what SHADES does; we wanted to offer our members a way to take ownership in the financial strain competitive cheer can place on any family.  SHADES will have year round as well as monthly fund raisers to help fund our activities, scholarship programs as well as individual families needs.  SHADES will give you access to various opportunities throughout the year to help pay for things like competition fees, travel, uniforms, choreography; the list is endless. 

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*fundraising money can not be used for tuition and/or private lessons