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Membership is required to fund raise with SHADES. Click Here to become a member. All members who fund raise MUST download and use the VENMO app (links down below) for iPhone or Android ~ friend @SHADES-Association.  Please refer to your Welcome Packet for more details or contact Veronica Gutierrez (VP of Fundraising).

Christmas Countdown

Charleston Gift Wrap

Oct 20 - Nov 3


Houston Region


Work Year-Round at NRG,  Mitchell Pavilion, Toyota Center, and many more

Please complete the steps below IN ORDER.  Must have obtained a SHADES membership number before filling out the "Venue Registration Form"

  NO Venue Concession Registration Forms will be accepted without a member number  

You and any member of your family/friend that wish to work concessions on behalf of your athlete; MUST be TABC & Food Handler certified (16-17 yr old Food Handler ONLY).  Click Here to get yours today.  Get certified online ~ good for 2 years.