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Different SHADES ~ ONE Family

Inter-Program Unity
In today’s society it can be a dog eat dog world. In the sport of cheer at times it can be no different. However, SHADES is centered around providing athletes with the tools to understand that the score does not determine victory—it is the quality of the competition that surrounds you. The bonds competitive cheer athlete makes are the memories that last a lifetime. Our inter-program unity focuses on giving cheer athletes ways to cultivate these bonds through inter-program activities.


SHADES will sponsor and host events that center around educational opportunities for all competitive cheer athletes. As we grow and funding becomes available we look forward to providing these great opportunities. Topics such as social media etiquette, injury prevention, healthy living, nutrition, life choices, competition anxiety, how to work through mental blocks, sports-centered wellness, competition scoring 101, the importance of progression, sportsmanship, and many more will provide competitive cheer athletes resources and develop confidence on and off the mat.


SHADES’ community service programs will take place year round and provide SHADES an opportunity to expose competitive cheer athletes to skills that can lead to a philanthropic life of leadership and community. As our membership grows, we look forward to providing a platform for giving back.  It is SHADES' mission to give back to the very community that has provided our cheer athletes with the culture to succeed. Competitive cheer athletes will have access to a wide variety of community service and philanthropy possibilities to help foster a sense of servitude.


Although SHADES would like to provide all of our cheer athletes with funding through our scholarship programs—it is not reality. SHADES has provided a way for our members to raise funds for their athlete’s competitive experiences. This enables families to take ownership in providing for their athlete’s competitive needs.

SHADES will work closely with community businesses and corporate leaders to create opportunities for competitive cheer athletes. SHADES relies on the generosity of our community and corporate partners to fund operating costs and our scholarship programs. SHADES' goal is to provide as many scholarship opportunities as possible (need based/non-need based/educational). Accessibility to the sport of cheer is a key driving force behind our scholarship program. Whether it is the cost to compete, travel, or simply to purchase a uniform; SHADES' goals are focused on providing athletes and families financial support to participate in one of the best all-around sport experiences for our youth today.